Wednesday, October 27, 2004

first post

March 24 2008 revision: I just discovered that the original date stayed with this entry even though I wrote it over three years after I supposedly started this blog -- with an empty "first post"! Now I am not sure when exactly I did write the post, but it was no more than a couple of weeks ago. Here it starts:

Obviously I wrote absolutely nothing for my first post three and a half years ago. So this is going to be my REAL first post. I discovered this dormant account a few minutes ago. Earlier today it had occurred to me that I might be able to use a blog to keep track of some of the random thoughts that pass through my consciousness every day -- questions and insights that emerge and fade.

A woman said on the Channel 9 (CBS, Oklahoma City) news tonight how unfair it was that several good men had died in a private plane crash (possibly caused by a bird in the engine) and I wondered why anyone would connect an accidental death or any misfortune with the victim's character. That reminded me of another one of my pet peeves, a friend telling me when something good happens to me that "you deserve it," usually adding a comment about the hard times I had experienced in the past!

Fate doesn't reward or punish. As Rabbi Kushner pointed out, bad things happen to good people. And, of course, good things happen to bad people! Nature isn't fair or just. Nature simply rolls along , randomly distributing gooddies, or taking them away. In addition, my good fortune might be another's misfortune. The fact that an ovum is fertilized means that a some 300 million sperm cells lose the race and die and 300 million potential babies are not conceived.

Thirteen years ago, after the Murrah Building bombing, one of my students told me that God had saved his father who had walked away from his desk at exactly the moment that side of the building collapsed and the desk was swallowed up. Obviously, I didn't say so at the time, but all I could think of was the implication of this comment. If one believes in such a direct divine intervention then one must also accept that God chose not to save the dead and injured!

Enough for tonight. I need to get some sleep.



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